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Vapers Wait For FDA’s Regulations

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Rapid Fire Marketing - Local vape shops worry that regulations from the FDA that would limit innovation and help big tobacco could adversely affect their business according to a story from the Houston Press. Local vape s...

‘Hands Off My E-Cigarette’: Why Vaping Is So Personal

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Miles Dolphin - We always read a lot of online material in preparation for writing our daily blog posts. As part of that reading, it is fascinating to come across some of the comments left by vapers on other blogs...

Harsh Vardhan favours ban on e-cigarette - Malaysia Sun

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VapinXsmoker - Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Wednesday said that he is in favour of a complete ban on all e-cigarettes as well as other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS). "In our national c...

Tobacco Companies Attempt To Fix Broken Reputation

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Lotus Vaping - Tobacco companies have come across an opportunity to attempt to fix its broken reputation. Tobacco companies were once known as a savior of satisfaction – that is until people continued to die from...

How Successful Has Your Stoptober Been?

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Simply E Liquid - Stoptober is a massively successful NHS campaign which was set in place to encourage as many of the UK’s 10 million smokers to give up. The idea behind Stoptober came from research which suggested ...

N.Y and London Ban E-Cigs

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brian yaeger - The New York City council at the end of 2013 voted to ban the use of E-cigarettes in all the places that smoking tobacco is restricted. This is everywhere except private residences and some outdoor...

City Council’s Plan to Protect Cigarettes and Kill Smokers

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NO TO DRUG WAR - This Thursday, our city’s legislators will discuss a proposal banning flavored nicotine liquids and flavorings said to be “kid-friendly” for e-cigarettes and related vapor products. The enactment o...

Tobacco whistleblower talks cigarette policies - The Michigan Daily

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VapinXsmoker - Jerry Wigand, the former vice president for research and development of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, caused significant public outrage when he exposed the company’s intentional attempt t...

India for ban on e-cigarettes

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VapinXsmoker - New Delhi, Oct 30/Nationalturk – In view of research terming use of e-cigarettes as “unsafe”, India is in favour of proactive measures against tobacco use including complete ban on e-cigarettes. “I...

Proposed e-cigarette regs still awaiting a vote in Hingham - News - Wicked Local - Boston, MA

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VapinXsmoker - HINGHAM – Proposals to extend town tobacco regulations to electronic cigarettes remain on hold. The board of health discussed the proposals Tuesday night but did not take a vote because member Step...

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